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Looking for a free way to send large files around the world? We help you send your photos, music, and even movies. It supports all platforms. Transfer your files Up to 5GB* per transfer with 25GB* space

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It's a common problem. You want to send a file (music, photos, documents) to someone on the other side of the world, but you can't use email because files are too big for most services sending their attachment limits (500MB-2GB). Most companies will charge you insane amounts per file transfer or simply block international transfers altogether. It gets even worse if you're in business and need to do this regularly

Multiple Uploads

Multiple Uploads

There are plenty of products out there that allow for multiple file uploads, but most of them have a minimum limit or come with other restrictions. But– we transfer free is allow you to upload multiple files at the same time and you can use it in all sorts of ways (including commercial ones).

Transfer by E-Mail

Transfer by E-Mail

Send any file you want over email to someone securely. Just download, copy, and paste and it's done. we used The cloud platform supercomputer, storage facilities, and secured networks.

Generate custome Links

Generate custome Links

Add custom links, This link generation is used for sharing documents and media with co-workers via email.

Track Transfers

Track Transfers

Track transfers consist function that generates a link to your file and this file is on autodelete. The link is generated for you to take anywhere. The function removes your file after some time to save space.

Get Notified

Get Notified

Get Notified when someone is downloading your files. The engine automatically notifies website users via their email server when someone downloads a file from their website. and send an email to user who uploaded files.

Manage Transfers

Manage Transfers

We help transfer data between countries and help you manage your transfers in a fast, trustworthy, and easy way. We enable to transfer of large files in the easiest possible way, by email or via link


You can now send large files for free as long as your total transfer size is below 15 gigabytes.


Share anything for free for a lifetime,

25.00 GB Storage Space
15.00 GB Size per transfer
Files available for Unlimited time
Password protection
Email notification
Generate transfer links
No need to verify transfers


Best for Small Files

$ 20.00 / month
50.00 GB Storage Space
20.00 GB Size per transfer
Files available for Unlimited time
Password protection
Email notification
Expiry time control
Generate transfer links

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Mostly asked questions from users.

Yes its totally free for everyone

Yes, you will be notified by email when you enable this function by clicking on the setting tab.

Yes, you can protect your files with a password.

If you reach the limit of whatever you have you are unable to send more files. For sen more files you need to delete old files from your panel.

You can send upto 5GB files for free and 25 GB storage.

Yes absolutely safe we used amazon storage for better security and safety.

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